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They Are Great

I have had a lot of trouble after a hip replacement, including 2 femur fractures. Greg and Stacie have been great with everything from doing grocery shopping, helping with simple household tasks like putting up a light fixture to helping take my dog for a walk. [They] picked me up from the hospital when I had to go to the ER and even helped by carrying me up my steps to get inside my house. They even satisfied a craving for Mexican food by going to the restaurant and getting me an enchilada dinner.

It has been very helpful with the little things that I couldn't do alone. I met some great and very helpful people that I now consider my great new friends. I highly recommend them for your person who may need a little more help. They are great, and I consider them my new best friends.

-Kelly B.

I Am So Thankful and Grateful

First of all, I owe you a big thank you for leading me in the right direction in regards to resources for seniors. I called Greg and Stacie and talked to Samantha, the care manager. She was absolutely fantastic.

She met with my parents and myself last Friday, and I never met such a warm, sweet person when it comes to dealing with seniors. Of course my dad was so hesitant about all of this, and by the time she left, my dad wanted her to take care of him. For a young woman, she is just perfect for the job [that] she is doing for Greg and Stacie. My parents will be receiving help on Thursdays from 8:30 to 12:30. I am so thankful and grateful to you for leading me to these wonderful people. Judy said you would be the perfect people to talk to and of course she was right on. I know Mrs. Foti would have been wonderful as well. Again thank you for all you have done for me.


Always Grateful For the Excellent Services

My 94-year-old mother had been in a skilled nursing facility for about 8 years. She was able to move about the facility with a walker but had limited ability to care for herself because of being legally blind and deteriorating eyesight. My mother had a couple of serious falls, which I believe was caused by lack of attention by aides. The last fall made it necessary for her to be confined to a wheelchair. This change required more attention from nursing home aides. It became apparent that my mother's needs were not being met. In looking for additional care and support for my mother, I was directed to Caring Senior Service, located in Menomonee Falls, owned and managed by Stacie and Greg Opahle.

Care and attention to my mother's needs improved immediately. Aides from Caring Senior Service took care of early morning needs to see that my mother was up, clean, properly dressed, and assisted at mealtimes. They transferred mother from the wheel chair to a lounge chair during the day so she was not alone across from nursing station during waking hours. She was able to relax in her recliner and have conversation.

Their services eventually increased to 12 hours per day. If incidences occurred during the [day], they reported this information to me. They had a care plan they actually followed along with documentation of everything that occurred during their stay. It became apparent that the nursing facility was only providing a bed and meals for my mother. I then started looking for a facility where my mother would be cared for properly 24/7. Thankfully I was able to relocate Mother to a small family-type facility that has a staff that is trained with caring personnel that meet my mother's needs.

I will always be grateful to Stacie and Caring Senior Service for the excellent services, support, and care they provided my mother and myself until I was able to find a reliable facility that met Mom's needs.

-Bev C.

We Still Enjoy the Support of Caring Senior Service

Stacie, Greg, and all our caregivers,

It was one year ago today that we called and spoke with Stacie about having caregivers support for Bernice while Carl was in the hospital and we needed help. One year later, we still enjoy the support of Caring Senior Service. It would not be possible without both of you and your group. Thank you so much for all you do each day! You are all appreciated!

-Dave, Margie, Bernice, and Carl

Thank You All For The Wonderful Service

Dear Greg & Stacie,

I want to thank you all for the wonderful service you all provided for me when I needed help.

I want to say you all sent very good and kind professional help. I would recommend your company to anybody that needed help to get back on their feet. Hello to the kids a big hug for your wife Stacie.

-Annie B. & Family

Our Caregivers Have Become Like Family

My wife and I became clients of Caring Senior Service on June 6th of 2016. We have been extremely satisfied with the services that we have received from this outstanding agency. I am impressed with the owners of the agency because they have been very hands on. On multiple occasions, they have both provided us with assistance in emergency needs as well as home care needs when necessary.

We have always had coverage, and this is essential because we do not have any family in this state. The caregivers who have been assigned to us have become like family. We have also appreciated the opportunity to travel with our caregivers. My wife was able to see her family in Connecticut because our caregiver was willing to accompany us. We look forward to more trips and overall what life has to offer. We have worked with many agencies, but this agency far surpasses any others, and we say this having received home care for over 16 years now.

-Ed W.

Caring Senior Service Is the Best

Tried and true, excellence, compassion and cheerfulness in all they do. I would most sincerely recommend Caring Senior Services to anyone who wants to experience the best and most memorable experience ever in care services. There will certainly never be any others for me. Caring Senior Service is the best.

-Pat K.

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